I heard about The 100 Day Project from a wonderful artist friend, Mags Phelan Stones, who I've known for years from the now-defunct Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group on Flickr.

Feeling optimistic about what this year has to offer, and wanting something to help drive my creativity, at least initially, I've decided to give it a go.

I can't guarantee I'll finish the project — I'm allowing for the possibility it might not fit into my lifestyle/timetable and/or won't suit my creative needs — or, that if I do finish the project, it will be completed over 100 consecutive days. However, I'm willing to at least commit to potentially completing 100 days of creativity based on the below guidelines, albeit those guidelines being quite ambitious and my intentions possibly a little foolhardy!

The project I've set for myself is based on an idea I had for last year's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the title of which is 'Postcards from another's life: a one woman collaboration'.

The 'rules':

  • Take a new photograph OR edit a photograph I've not previously edited and published OR re-edit a photograph I've previously edited and published in a completely new way.

  • Write 750 words inspired by that photograph. The writing can be fiction, prose, autobiographical, stream of conscious, poetry. It may or may not be edited beyond a first draft depending on time constraints, but it needs to be written from scratch on the day of the project.

  • All photographs will be cropped square if the original was not taken in square format.

  • Photographs can be black & white or colour. No restrictions on subject matter, the date the photo was taken, or the camera it was taken with. Though for the sake of image quality I'm likely to stick to photographs taken with a dSLR, rather than my iPhone.

  • Where possible, the photograph and writing are to be published to my Patreon profile on the day of editing and writing.

  • All posts will be included on my blog here as and when I have time to add them, date-stamped per the date and time they were published to Patreon.

Edited in May 2019: Initially the project was being posted to my Instagram account first, but now I'm posting new instalments as early access posts to my Patreon profile. If you want to read new instalments up to a week before everyone else, feel free to become a patron!