tea for two

Despite how it may seem from my intermittent posting during the latter part of last year, and this being my first post for 2013, I have been keeping busy with taking and editing photos, and with visiting many galleries already this year.

I spent a month during December and January visiting my partner, our respective families, and friends back in Australia, with quite a lot of jumping about from place to place.

During my travels I took quite a lot of photos of Winton, Queensland, and surrounds, where my partner's family lives and where he has spent a large part of his life, and quite a few snaps of him. I'll post some of the photos of landscape and fauna I captured whilst I was there on here soon, though I didn't take my usual glut of photos whilst away, and none of them were self-portraits. The heat and injured / painful feet (long story) hindered me, and it was also good to actually have a proper holiday.

Since my return to London I have been catching up on seeing a lot of art (I will try to post about some of that on here), and have also been trying to catch up on my backlog of editing.

Last year I finally finished working my way through photos from a road trip with Natasha Wheatley in 2009; and I'm currently working my way through photographs from the road trip I took with Philip Ivens from Melbourne to Brisbane in 2010.

Below is a sequence of images I took of Philip 'in conversation' with a visiting kookaburra on the verandah of the cabin we stayed in at Waratah Bay on our first night out of Melbourne. At the bottom is an animated gif of the five images, because, well, I just couldn't help myself.

They had reached a stand-off:
despite the kookaburra's insistence that not all verticals in a photograph have to be vertical,
and that high contrast in photographs is perfectly acceptable,
Phil was not buying it.

Thank you to Phil for letting me post these surreptitiously taken photos, despite hating to be photographed, let alone have those same photographs posted on the internet. His expression in the second last shot was actually directed at me as he twigged that he may be in the shots, though I denied at the time that he was ;o)
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